· 高考英語基礎詞組和句型-求學指南
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       1. learn ... by heart 用心學習,記住

      2. combine ... with ... 使...與...結合/聯合

      3. in that circumstances 如果那樣的話

      4. replace ... with ... 用...代替...

      5. keep a record of 記錄

      6. comment on ... 對 ... 發表評論

      7. at least 至少

      8. expect of/from... 從...當中期待

      9. in return 作為回報

      10. the survey on ... 關于... 的調查

      11. differ in... 在...方面不同

      12. emerge from... 從...出現

      13. be satisfied with... 對...滿意

      14. play ... roles 扮演...的角色

      15. lean over... 彎下身子 俯身于...之上

      16. turn out 結果是,證明是

      17. in silence 在沉默中

      18. burst into laughter 突然笑出聲來

      19. concentrate on ... 全神貫注于...

      20. be replaced by 被...所取代

      21. for the purpose of... 為了...

      22. distinguish ... from ... 區分...與...

      23. communicate with... 與...交流

      24. one another 彼此,相互

      25. by means of... 用...的方法

      26. at the approach of... 在...將到的時候

      27. differ from... 與...不同

      28. for instance 舉例來說

      29. divide ... into ... 把...劃分成...

      30. enable sb. to do ... 使某人能夠做某事

      31. wave goodbye 揮別

      32. in sympathy with 同情,贊成

      33. look over 察看,檢查,從...上面看

      34. a lack of... 缺少...

      35. check with... 與...協商

      36. tend to do... 趨向于做...,喜歡做...

      37. call after 追喊, 以...命名

      38. call for 要求, 提倡

      39. fight against 與...作戰(敵人之間)

      40. fight with 與...作戰(戰友之間)

      41. agreement on ... 關于... 達成的協議

      42. add up 合計

      43. add to 添加到

      44. take ... for example 以...為例

      45. in price 在價格上

      46. in the long run 從長遠來看,后

      47. on offer 在出售中

      48. choose from... 從...中挑選

      49. be curious about... 對...感到好奇

      50. confront with... 使面臨,使面對

      51. with interest 有興趣地

      52. an average of ... 平均是...

      53. at high altitudes 在很高的地方

      54. draw one’s attention 吸引某人的注意力

      55. focus on 集中于,專注于

      56. in years to come 在未來的幾年內

      57. as a matter of fact 實際上

      58. adopt a positive approach 采取一種正確的方法

      59. wait for 等待

      60. pass through 經過, 通過

      61. a sequence of 一系列的

      62. take ... for granted 認為...理所當然

      63. be aware of/that 注意到

      64. translate into 翻譯成

      65. intend to do 想要做

      66. looking forward to 期望

      67. be built from... 用...建造

      68. a wide variety of 多種多樣的

      69. at advanced levels 在范圍內

      70. carry out 完成,實施

      71. according to 根據

      72. aim to do 指望做某事

      73. make sacrifices to do.. 做出犧牲去做某事

      74. in depth 深入地

      75. a series of 一系列,一連串

      76. above all 首先,重要的是

      77. after all 畢竟,究竟

      78. ahead of 在...之前

      79. ahead of time 提前

      80. all at once 突然,同時

      81. all but 幾乎;除了...都

      82. all of a sudden 突然

      83. all over 遍及

      84. all over again 再一次,重新

      85. all the time 一直,始終

      86. all the same 仍然,照樣的

      87. as regards 關于,至于

      88. anything but 根本不 ,決不

      89. as a matter of fact 實際上

      90. apart from 除...外(還有)

      91. as a rule 通常,照例

      92. as a result(of) 因此,由于

      93. as far as ...be concerned 就...而言

      94. as far as 遠至,到...程度

      95. as for 至于,關于

      96. as follows 如下

      97. as if 好像,仿怫

      98. as good as 和...幾乎一樣

      99. as usual 像平常一樣,照例

      100. as to 至于,關于

      101. all right 令人滿意的;可以

      102. as well 同樣,也,還

      103. as well as 除...外(也),即...又

      104. aside from 除...外(還有)

      105. at a loss 茫然,不知所措

      106. at a time 一次,每次

      107. at all 絲毫(不),一點也不

      108. at all costs 不惜一切代價

      109. at all events 不管怎樣,無論如何

      110. at all times 隨時,總是

      111. at any rate 無論如何,至少

      112. at best 充其量,至多

      113. at first 初,起先

      114. at first sight 乍一看,初看起來

      115. at hand 在手邊,在附近

      116. at heart 內心里,本質上

      117. at home 在家,在國內

      118. at intervals 不時,每隔...

      119. at large 大多數,未被捕獲的

      120. at least 至少

      121. at last 終于

      122. at length 終,終于

      123. at most 至多,不超過

      124. at no time 從不,決不

      125. by accident 偶然

      126. at one time 曾經,一度;同時

      127. at present 目前,現在

      128. at one's disposal 任...處理

      129. at the cost of 以...為代價

      130. at the mercy of 任憑...擺布

      131. at the moment 此刻,目前

      132. at this rate 照此速度

      133. at times 有時,間或

      134. back and forth 來回地,反復地

      135. back of 在...后面

      136. before long 不久以后

      137. beside point 離題的,不相干的

      138. beyond question 毫無疑問

      139. by air 通過航空途徑

      140. by all means 盡一切辦法,務必

      141. by and by 不久,遲早

      142. by chance 偶然,碰巧

      143. by far ,...得多

      144. by hand 用手,用體力

      145. by itself 自動地,獨自地

      146. by means of 用,依靠

      147. by mistake 錯誤地

      148. by no means 決不,并沒有

      149. by oneself 單獨地,獨自地

      150. by reason of 由于.


    1. It is important for everyone to learn English well in our rapidly developing world.


      同樣句型包括:It is important/(necessary, difficult, convenient, possible)for sb. to do sth.

      2. The harder you work at it, the more progress you will make.


      (1)The+比較級..., the+比較級...

      (2)比較級+and+比較級(The world is getting smaller and smaller.)

      3. If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.


      類似的句型還有:If necessary…, they can…

      4. The best way to remember new words is to practice them everyday.


      5. The atmosphere in my family is fantastic


      6. The reason why people choose to live in the city is that the life is more convenient and colorful.


      7. I had a great first impression of American people.


      8. We have lots of confidence in our ability to solve any problem.


      9. With the rapid development of modern technology, the Internet has become a necessary part of our daily life and work.


      10. You should read as many books as you possibly can.


      11. China is becoming more and more prosperous because of the reform and “opening up” policy.


      12. We all need clean air to breathe; we all need clean water to drink; we all need green places to enjoy.


      13. Let’s work together to make our world a better place.


      14. We should make full use of our time to do useful and productive things.


      15. We should get into the good habit of using our time wisely.


      16. What I really want to know is whether he will go abroad next month?


      17. Television is harmful to developing minds.


      18. Children usually have far more potential than their parents had realized


      19. In the past 10 years, great changes have taken place in our school.


      20. People who spend more time with their families are usually healthier and happier.


      21. The job was hard, which made me so tired that I almost quit half way.


      (1)直接使用:so… that…

      The job was hard, boring and seemed endless, which made me so tired that I almost quit half way.



      (Not only …but also…)、(Because…)、(because of…)、(As long as…)、(so long as…)

      22. The Red Star Television Factory, which produces TV sets of quality, was set up in th

      e 1980’s.


      23. The E-reading room, where we can send e-mails to all parts of the world, is open to both teachers and students.


      24. I feel I will be fit for the job needed in your company.


      25. The number of workers and engineers has risen(更詞匯:increased) to over 2000, and 80% of them are college graduates.


      26. There is an increasing tendency that students own their mobile phones on campus.


      27. Now in the rural areas, there are many children out of school. I think one of reasons is that their families are too poor to afford their schooling.


      28. People should pay more attention to the education of children because they will play a very significant /(important) part/(role) in the future of our country.


      29. In 2008, you will see Beijing as beautiful as a garden, with cleaner water and clearer sky.


      30. How nice to hear from you again.


      31. Your early reply will be highly appreciated.


      I’m looking forward to meeting you in no time.


      32. If you have any questions or requests, please let me know.


      33. No matter what you do in the future, English will always be important.


      34. Nothing is more important than to receive education.


      35. There is no doubt that playing video game is going to be their biggest problem for students to affect study.


      36. Obviously, it is high/(about) time that we took some effective measures to solve the problem.



      I suggest the department concerned taking some effective measures to improve the present situation.


      37. Since he went to senior high school, he has worked very hard.


      38. We should spare no effort to beautify our environment.


      39. Smoking has a great influence on our health.


      40. As a proverb says, /( As is well known to us,) storms make trees take deeper roots.


      41. It is a great honor for me to introduce to you one of my very best friend, Liu Xiang.


      42. Coming from a family of English teachers, she always had a particular interest in English.



      diligent 勤奮的 energetic精力充沛的 humorous幽默的 attractive有吸引力的

      modest謙虛的 optimistic樂觀的 talkative健談的enthusiastic熱情的

      43. I have fully realized that English is essential to my future.


      44. I suppose electronic dictionaries are convenient, but Iead to laziness!


      45. In conclusion, the advantages of studying abroad outweigh its disadvantages.


      46. Now, I think it is really successful experience, and I totally understand what labor means.


      47. From this earthquake, I realized that the power of the mass is endless.




      造句:In 1951 Chairman Mao said in Nan Jing that the power of the mass is endless.

      48. If you have spare time to visit my hometown, I’d be more than happy to be your guide.


      49. Nowadays, both teachers and parents worry a great deal about the student’s using the Internet.


      50. Views on the issue in question vary from person to person.


      51. We are blessed with new opportunities and faced with new challenges.


      52. Thank you for your consideration.


      53. I really appreciate what you’ve done for my family and me.


      We should be very grateful if you help our children with their English study.


      54. We will never forget the happy days we spent together.


      55. Many people are becoming aware of the importance of exercising.


      56. The talk will be given at the Lecture Hall on Oct.12th, starting at 3:30p.m.


      57. Students should know how to take advantage of their time.


      58. I got sick and tired of doing the routine work day after day.


      59. Conquering English is not different from conquering a great mountain; both of them require determination, courage, and perseverance.


      60. I’m disappointed in the performance of our team at the sports meeting.


      61. I’m very satisfied with what we have achieved so far.



      I’m determined to…

      I have made up my mind to complete the task.

      62. The city is located on the banks of the Long River.


      63. I’m very glad to have received the letter you sent me two weeks ago.


      64. I’m writing to request more information about the day tour to London.


      65. Recently, our class have had a heated discussion about whether it is necessary for middle school students to carry mobile phones to school.







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